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Meet Abhimanyu Vinayek

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Abhi came to US in 2004 to do his MBA at Ohio University. A typical immigrant with big dreams more than your eyes can hold and few dollars in pocket. Perseverance, hard work, and undying desire to succeed is what forms the core of his existence.

Before coming to US, he worked in India’s largest investment banking and was also one the few financial professional to get licensed in financial derivatives when the country was rolling out financial markets’ reforms. While working there he worked with both institutional and high net worth clients in solving their portfolio’s risk management needs.

After immigrating to US, he secured his MBA and Master’s in financial economics from Ohio University and subsequently completed his CPA. He has worked in the Biopharma industry for 17 years with both large and small firms and helped them with their financial forecasting, gross to net analysis, drug launch pricing and market strategy needs respectively.

Why help people. Personally, Abhi has seen both highs and lows of finance and is experienced enough to understand the pitfalls of not having enough financial awareness to weatherproof your portfolio. His education and experience make him a well-rounded professional to help people and solve their problems.

He lives in San Diego with his wife Sony and son Arhaan.

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