Meet Jeremy

Meet Jeremy

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Finances are equal-parts crucial and complex—like a seatbelt that won’t buckle unless you’ve passed some convoluted skill test. It doesn't have to be that hard!  In a fast-paced world, families and small business owners like you often find themselves letting things like financial decisions simmer on the backburner, leaving them behind the eight ball when misfortune strikes.  

Misfortune struck Jeremy’s family after his father suffered a massive heart attack and passed away at age 48. Jeremy and his family experienced the painful—and all too common—consequences of poor financial decisons and lack of proper planning.  After being forced to witness his mother suffer through a years-long slow motion car wreck of property foreclosure, bankruptcy, and lost retirement savings—he finally asked her: what happened?  Why weren’t we prepared? “Jeremy,” she looked down. “Nobody told us.”  

All across America, there are intelligent, hard-working, and vulnerable middle-income families who simply don’t have the time, resources, or help needed to navigate the tangled world of finance. That’s why Jeremy's goals when working with clients are to 1) demystify the process, 2) educate his clients, and 3) put plans into action that can provide peace of mind today and financial freedom tomorrow.

For 13 years, Jeremy has prided himself on cultivating a client-first philosophy. Whether he’s working with a small business CEO to construct an air-tight succession plan or helping a single mother of four allocate funds to ensure that her children are protected ten, twenty, thirty years down the road, Jeremy focuses on his client's well being.

Jeremy’s path to financial services wasn’t what you’d call typical. Rather than a passion for money, it was a passion for people that led Jeremy to his current position as one of New York Life’s most dependable and savvy agents.

In his 20s and 30s, Jeremy worked his way up from serving appetizers part-time to personally managing some of downtown Cleveland’s finest restaurants. During this time, he accrued decades of experience building partnerships with folks whose backgrounds and stories varied as much as their goals. Once on the path of becoming a financial services professional, Jeremy used his hard-nosed work ethic and Cleveland grit to quickly become a leader in life insurance expertise and the go-to agent at New York life for clients who need an experienced advocate in their corner who won’t talk down to them.

At the end of the day, the system wasn’t built with people like Jeremy’s mother in mind.  It is because of this—not in spite of it—is why Jeremy does what he does. He just wants to tell people like you to take care of yourself. Jeremy is here to help.